Event Security Guards

Special events are for the purpose of bringing people together. Whether it’s a concert, festival or sporting event, the occasion is sure to draw a diverse and energetic crowd that requires adequate control in order to protect from theft and violence or deter from vandalizing event property.

Cerber Security Event security guards can patrol in uniform or civilian clothing with or without firearms. For multi-day events, 24-hour patrolling is available as well as a number of other event security services. We work closely with venue management and event coordinators to survey the grounds, identify risk factors and implement a defence strategy that can include:

  • Vehicle, foot and bike patrol
  • Event access authorization
  • Bag checks
  • Crowd management
  • Parking control and security
  • VIP escorting
  • Evacuation and emergency planning

Furthermore, our event security services partner with law enforcement and emergency aid to ensure that all protective teams are coordinated and working together to make the event a safe and fun experience for every visitor.

The security approach for concerts greatly depends on the type of fans the concert will attract. Our concert security guards are extra vigilant about properly screening ticket holders, maintaining crowds and keeping concert goes, workers and entertainers safe.

Because country fairs and festivals are generally outdoors and cover a large amount of space without entry requirements like ticket or bag checks, they can be challenging to secure. Anyone can enter or exit at any time. Cerber’s country fair/festival security guards are specially trained to patrol these settings with acute alertness to identify unsafe behaviour.

When it comes to sporting events, team pride never fails to fuel the crowd. And when paired with historical rivalries and the presence of alcohol, things can easily get out of hand. Our sporting event security guards provide a heavy focus on crowd management, including bag checks and screening to identify any dangerous threats that could put other ticket holders, workers or players at serious risk.