Condac Ciobanu Diana

Condac Ciobanu Diana

Condac Ciobanu Diana

Marketing Director and PRPhone: 07 429 074 612


Marketing is the key to success in any field and primarily security…

Working with ExpeditEuroTrans, ExpressRomania, TransOil, BioCompanyRaps, EcoFuel, over 10 years, I succeeded in tandem with my colleagues to acclimatize the demands of customers with priced offers.

Thanks to digital marketing, today’s communication can be perceived and understood for all age groups so starting from the start segmenting customers as needed. Marketing is the key to success in any field and primarily security.


The competition and the need to attract new clients as the connection with the media has always been a bridge between the client and the company.

Marketing is a strategy to inform the client about the benefits of each service offered and the identification of customer and market requirements respectively.

Interpersonal skills
Relationship builders

What People Say

Outstanding service thank you to everyone involved.

Sara Shultz Branch Manager

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