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Plesca Inga

Plesca Inga

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Nothing can be more important in a company than the staff….

During 5 years of being HR Director and recruiter at BISAR INTERNATIONAL, Beemol, CatolLux, we have managed to identify a professional team that is predisposed to create the company’s successful climate because nothing can be more important in a company than the staff.

Working with European partners and overseas companies, I have succeeded in establishing a system and procedures to recruit and maintain a team of professionals who are ready to cope with any type of task.

Become a member of the Team!

The methodology based on continuous development and retraining allows internal staff control and presents a system of requirements and standards that are motivated by benefits offered within the company.  Once you become a member of the CERBER SECURITY SERVICE family, be ready to work in a professional team with standards and traditions that you must comply with.

Conflict Management

What People Say

Outstanding service thank you to everyone involved.

Sara Shultz Branch Manager

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