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Throughout 9 years of experience in the field

Throughout 9 years of experience in the field, I have faced various emergencies ranging from gun attacks to corporate spies or domestic violence.  However, security and personal or business protection remain at the forefront of CERBER’s customers and for me personally, nothing can cost more than family, home, business or community security.

I worked with AS JUSTAR SRL as a manager of business and personal security firm for 4 years, having a complex technical security experience that combines physical security, 24/7 monitoring centre, intervention team, patrol team, investigative team and legal support due to them we have been able to establish a mixed and complex guard system with trained and trained staff to prevent and combat criminality. In the given context, we have managed to form a mechanism that can meet the current security requirements. It is to create a company that can cooperate with all the services  urgent and able to ensure public order came from the safety of those close to that particular s  I was motivated to set up CERBER SECURITY SERVICE.

Working with IT companies such as AS MoldTelecom, StarNet, Orange, SunComunication, we have been able to identify information security issues or the risks that lead to leakage of inside information.  From the 3 years of experience in London, I have been able to gather the necessary information to adopt the mechanism created by UK requirements and standards.  Due to the fact that all CERBER SECURITY SERVICE employees have these qualifications and are subject to regular qualification tests, thorough biographical checks and privacy testing, we can guarantee our customers quality, safety-critical security standards for both individuals and corporate clients.


Our support for creating a patented strategy provides the key to protecting your business, private events, etc.

Our mission is to ensure safety in our community and to create a successful partnership with all emergency services for combating crime and, if necessary, to cooperate permanently.  London is the city where I live and I personally develop, the city where my family lives, my friends, my colleagues, and many others like me are working for your safety and every resident of the metropolis.  We are the ones who will ensure your day-to-day safety and want to be in every situation.

Organisation skills
Calmness under pressure
Observation and surveillance skills
Level of physical strength and fitness
Trustworthiness and reliability

What People Say

Outstanding service thank you to everyone involved.

Sara Shultz Branch Manager

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